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What We Do

In addition to helping the Scienpreneur Community members thrive and achieve their goals, we conduct educational interviews, which are available for free in our YouTube channel. We also support science companies and entrepreneurs in many different ways.

Please reach out to learn more.

  • We translate your science into language investors can understand
    When you leave academia and start interacting with the broader world, you need to translate your science to a language other people can understand. Even highly sophisticated people, who should know what you're talking about, might have trouble building a minimum understanding of your science and capturing its full potential. That includes your potential customers, initial investors and even seasoned investors. We help you translate your science into the market language.
  • Comparables & Market Research
    At any time as you develop your company, you need to know what's going on in its space. There are many reasons why you need to be aware of what's going on, but there's two main reasons for you to know about other, comparable companies and their presence in your market: one is devise the proper business strategy for your startup; the other is that that information can be invaluable in valuating your business and helping you negotiate with potential investors.​
  • Business Plan & Pitch Decks
    Business plans help you run your company while pitch decks work as the window for potential investors into your company. Both are two of the most important documents that you're always reviewing to make sure you running your operations and your fundraising in an optimal way. The experience and feedback from others who have been through the same can be extremely valuable in developing the data and ideas that you're gonna include in those documents.​
  • Team Building
    Team building is key. As one of our mentors has said: science-backed companies are more likely to die due to weak teams than to poor science. Finding the right people to help you build and grow your company is one of your main challenges - and one of those we can be most helpful with.​
  • Partnerships
    Partnerships can be critical for any company, because no company happens in a vacuum. For better or worse, companies are not a scientific object for which you can control all variables. Companies are more like living, sentient beings. They're always evolving and reacting to their environment. Partnerships can be as simple as the place where you incubate your company or as complex as the licensee that is going to bring your product to the market. Whatever the case, we're here to help.
  • Tech Transfer & IP
    Tech transfer and IP agreements come in many different formats and flavor. Every university works slightly in a different way when it comes to those rules and contracts. Are you getting a good deal from your university? We can help you find out.
  • Science-Business Mindset Transitioning
    This is probably where our community becomes most helpful. Every situation is different, but they also share many commonalities. By watching our interviews and discussing with other scienpreneurs in our community, you borrow ideas and concepts from those how have beaten this path before you. And that can help you avoid the same mistakes and make better choices.​
  • Coaching & Support
    Every person, manager and company are unique. When you need to discuss the specifics of your situation, then nothing is better than a coach or a group of coaches with different skills to help you navigate uncharted territory.
  • Interim Management
    Things in startup never follow our desired order or sequence of events. Sometimes you find yourself growing more than you expected or lacking talent that is proving more difficult to find. Depending on the case, consultants or members of the community could step in and help you fulfill the needs you have in the company.​

Connect to scienpreneurs who have gone through exactly what you're going through too

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